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    Northern Grown in SE Wisconsin     Members of AHS, WDS.
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Licensed & Inspected by the WI. Dept.of Agriculture
1-608-423-4425 plumhill@wildblue.net

2015 is our 12th year/ still a ‘Rust-free’ source
AHS Member/ Region 2, WDS

We specialize in healthy plants of our own introductions, award winners, historics, unusual forms, doubles, & classic favorites. All are field grown, freshly dug, washed, labeled, wrapped, and shipped promptly or when you want them. Blooming size double fan divisions, single fans, & clumps are available. Only natural sustainable methods are used, without the use of any chemicals. We are committed to conserving all natural resources & recycle whenever possible. Our plants may not all be quite as large as those fed a heavy fertilized diet, or those grown further south, but are nice. Some plants naturally make smaller fans. All are not big. It all depends on the individual plants makeup. This year again more downsizing is happening, so many cultivars are on sale & may not be available again.

Ordering: No minimum, 5½% tax applies to all WI. sales. PayPal is available with a $2. service charge. This payment method gets your plants shipped to you quickly. You can order by mail with a personal check or money order included with your order. Those orders will be shipped only after the check clears the bank, usually within 2 weeks. Call or e-mail first as to availability, as some are in limited supply. Gift certificates are available in any amount. We no longer dig during visits for garden sales, but we can have your order ready to pick-up when you'd like it.

Shipping & Handling: We begin in late April if we have an early spring. Generally early/mid May through mid June & again from early August through September. Later, if you live in the South USPS Priority Mail, $9.00. For the 1st plant. plus $1. single fans, $2.double fans, $2.50 clumps. Mondays/Tuesdays are shipping days and orders are filled as we get them. We try to ship on your preferred shipping date but due to the weather, it may be delayed. Mother Nature can be cruel some years, so please bear with us when this occurs. Continental US only, sorry no sales to Ca. Or. Wa. Nv. Az. or where phytosanitary permits are needed.

Substitutions & Bonuses: Substitutions are made only with your permission, of equal or greater value. Please send a long list of suggestions in order of preference. We will use this list also for your bonuses, or please let us know if a refund if preferred.

Guarantee: True to name & healthy. If not satisfied, return within 3 days with labels still attached for replacement or refund. Your satisfaction is most important to us. We send only plants that we'd like to receive. Most importantly to insure survival; Mulch is highly recommended the 1st winter on all plants, especially in the North.

Nursery visits: We're open by appointment only, so please call or e-mail to set a time.

Location: We are located about 26 mi. SE of Madison, just into Jefferson Co. & 6 1/2 mi. South of Cambridge just off of Hy C & Rockdale Rd., & 9 mi. West of Ft. Atkinson, North of Hy 106. GPS 42.932 Lat. –88.993 Long.

2010 INTRO’S

TANTRA BOOGIE 40” 5.75” M D ext. uf crispate slightly fragrant A most distinctive flower of a muted rose lavender/claret color with lighter midribs that flair’s yet gently recurves with a well defined very large lt.yellow throat pattern covering nearly half of the petal length with a yellow to green throat & yellow wire edge. Branching is 2-3 way + terminal top 2. Budcount is around 20 with as many as 34. The sepals twist, curl, and sometimes even quill. The color is temperature sensitive deepening after cool evenings but still retains the ability of opening well.
Rarely waterspots, holding on to it’s quality into the evening. Long bloom season. Hard dormant going completely underground by fall. Good increase. It’s sure to delight.
Tetrploid {TWIST OF LEMON X {CAMEROONS X SDLG} fertile both ways
$25./single fan, $35./double fans, $50./clump

* HOW HIGH THE MOON 48” 5.75” ML D ext.
White self with a very pale yellow base, yellow to green throat.
Branching is 2 way + terminal top two. Budcount is 22 with up to 41 at maturity. The petals almost appear to be a fat spatulate shape without touching in the throat. Little to no fragrance. Up to 53” some years. Starts blooming about 7-19 here & ends before 9-9. Tall & robust for all those who love height into the late season. Good increase. Much admired here.
{IRISH LINEN X GENTLE SHEPHERD sdlg} X {SO LOVELY X LILTING LAVENDER} Diploid fertile/pods, pollen difficult $15./single fan, $25./double fans, $35./clump

* CULTURE VULTURE 40” 6.5” M D {to SE} spider 4.25:1 Muted gray pink/lavender with a burgundy/wine eye, yellow to green throat, slightly fragrant. Br2 way wide + terminal top two. Bc 18. Recurves, curls, twists, & poly’s on occasion. Like Trahlyta, her color is temperature sensitive. Always a stately presence & a real good morning opener. Good to vigorous increase. F2{TRAHLYTA X FOL DE ROL} X {TRAHLYTA X FOL DE ROL} Diploid fertile both ways. $10./single fan, $15./double fans, $20./clump

* SPIRIT SONG 50” 6.75” L SE {To D} ext. fr uf crispate
Very pale cream yellow with a small green throat, fading to a near white by the day’s end. Upright, Br 1 way + terminal top two. Bc 20 {up to 26} Starts blooming mid/late July & continuing into Sept. Our latest bloomer here. Very fragrant in the later hours of the day. Up to 55” some years. Good to vigorous increase, & a good opener. A season extender.
$20.single fan, $30./double fans, $40./clump

2009 INTRO’S

SONG OF MYSELF 42” 7.25” ML SE {to D} ext.
White with lavender midrib, large green throat, emo, branching is 2 way + terminal top two. Bud count at 20 with up to 23 some years. Long bloom season. Nice medium green foliage. Good increase.
Refined & simplistic, this lilting exotic twists, curls, cascades & recurves, all depending on her mood of the day. No traces of yellow or pink. She’s my best white UF, & sure to bring a smile to you!
{IRISH LINEN x GENTLE SHEPHERD} x {WILSON SPIDER x Seedling} Diploid Fertile both ways
$25./single fan, $35./double fans, $50./clump

PAGAN SPIRIT 44” 7.75” L SE ext. emo uf cascade
Light soft pastel orange with a red orange to rose band, green throat. Branching is wide two way + terminal top two. Bud count of 24 {30 in 2009} True to her nature she’s dramatically recurving, cascading, twisting, & curling. Festive & alluring, she’s a bright season extender sure to captivate you. Medium increase.
{seedling x ORCHID CORSAGE} x {seedling x SPIDER MIRACLE} Diploid Fertile both ways
$18.50/single fan, $30./double fans, $40./clump

Light pink with a most unique veined & brushstroked deep rose band with a yellow green throat. Branching is modest 1 way + terminal top two. Bud count is 17, & up to 20 in some years. Not quite an UF, but her daily changing appearance is most charming. Opens well & being a hard dormant, goes completely underground. Always a delight & most distinctive! Moderate increase.
WILSON SPIDER x {LAKE NORMAN SPIDER x seedling} Diploid Fertile both ways.
$20./single fan, $30./double fans

2005 INTRO’S

DIVA ON EDGE 39” 7” M SE ext. noc. emo
Light cream yellow with a very wide rose/cinnamon edge. Bc 22 & up to 34 some years.
Br 2 side + terminal top. A large distinctive blooming flower of incredible substance that withstands rain & wind, & still looks very good. Buds begin to open for the next day in the afternoon. Go have a look about midnight if you’re a night owl & you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see. Nice foliage. Being nocturnal, the pollen has eluded me so far, & I’ve not set any pods.
{Golliwog x Helaman} Diploid Fertility unknown
$7.50/single fan, $10./double fans, $15./clump

DELIGHT MAKER 27” 5.5” M SE ext. noc.
Light lavender/pink with dark purple eye with veining into a yellow green throat. Bc 19, Br 1 side + 2 terminal top. Good substance, wide open, partial edge, long bloom season, lives up to it’s name. Real good morning opener with nice foliage. {Moonlight Masquerade x Emperor’s Dragon} Tetraploid Fertile both ways
$7.50 /single fan, $10./double fans, $15./clump

SPIRIT PLAY 29” {t0 36”} 6” M D {to SE} UF crispate
Near white self above yellow green throat. Bc av.15 & up to 19 some years. Br 1 side. 2 terminal top. Cascades, curls, & twists, changing her mysterious whimsical appearance daily depending on her mood. Slightly fragrant, good opener & always lovely. Long bloom season.
{Irish Linen x Gentle Shepherd] x Orchid Corsage} Diploid Fertile both ways
$13./single fan, $20./double fans, $30./clump

Location: We are located about 26 mi. SE of Madison, just into Jefferson Co. and 6 1/2 mi. S of Cambridge just off Hy C and Rockdale Rd., and 9 mi. W of Ft. Atkinson N. of Hy 106. GPS 42.932 Lat.    88.993 Long.